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RoboMower – RL850 Review

First of all, you need to understand the limitations of the Robomower and determine if your yard is right for it or not. I’ve had my RL800 for 3 seasons now and while I still fuss at it every time it cuts the grass, I don’t know what I’d do without it…Except get another smelly gas mower and grind it out like before Robomower.

It doesn’t do hills well. Think about how you divide up your yard into zones before installation. Keep the battery continuously charging. And “supervise” it while it’s cutting the grass. If you’re yard is relatively flat and you send Robomower out every week during the summer, you should be pleased with the results, mechanical/warranty problems aside.

Our entire front, sides and back yards are all 1 zone. As such, after completing the perimeter cut, Robomower usually leaves the front yard before it’s completely cut and sneaks into the back yard. While this can be frustrating, it’s how it’s supposed to work if everything is 1 zone…I simply walk it back up into the front yard and let it start zig-zagging back and forth again. If it looks like rain or I’m in a hurry, I’ll manually touch up any missed patches before walking it to another part of the yard…Otherwise I just let it run and run and run and it usually gets just about every spot (eventually). I got an extra new battery that I switch out mid-week so both stay charged.

I have it set to take off about 1/3 of the grass with each weekly cut and our Bermuda has never looked better. It truly is a “sea of green” once Robomower is finished and the blades have been clipped from every direction. It looks as good or better than the 0/visit professional landscaping crew does across the street. We have four 20″ x 20″ recessed drainage holes throughout the yard that can be a problem. Most of the time Robomower goes down and comes back out OK…Sometimes it just sits and spins the wheels trying to climb out. Hence, the supervision part of the job. Keeping an eye on Robomower and intervening when needed is still much better than the old blood and sweat that I see falling off the neighbors when they go out and cut their grass the old-fashioned way.

Next to the PC and HDTV, Robomower gets my vote for best “life made easier” invention of the past 20 years. It’s not perfect, but neither are you when you cut the grass. It’s just much more convenient watching the grass be cut by Robomower. Understand it’s limitations, plan your yard zones like you want it to operate and you should be equally pleased with the results, provided you don’t get the inevitable lemon. I have extra tires and extra blades, but haven’t needed to replace them after 3 seasons of weekly mowings. Great product!!

RoboMower – RL850 Feature

  • RL850 is suitable for any small and medium size garden up to 10,800 sq. ft.
  • Automatic operation, mower is self-operated without user interference. No more spending your weekends mowing the lawn
  • Child Guard to help prevent children from operation the mower; sensor-equipped, touch sensitive bumpers all around the mower
  • Peg wire around the edge of lawn and connect perimeter switch, press“go” then the RoboMower mows, you don’t
  • 35Hx26Wx12-1/2D”

RoboMower – RL850 Overview

The green colored Friendly Robotics Model RL850 Robomower – Fast is a fully automatic lawnmower designed to mow your lawn entirely by itself. Just press the button, and it begins circling your yard, cutting and mulching the grass. This can handle any lawn, regardless of shape, slope, and obstacles. The Robotic Lawn Mower mulches the grass as it mows and creates a more healthy lawn. It travels on the lawn in a systematic criss-cross pattern, covering the lawn several times from side to side to ensure that the entire yard is covered and the grass is cut from several angles. This safe, quiet, and environmentally friendly Robotic Lawn Mower does not require gas or oil and provides the highest quality of mowing. It features solid construction and comes with everything needed to set up safety features like sensor-equipped bumpers, mower lift detection, and child lock.    

RoboMower – RL850 Specifications

Early Adopters Pick: May 2003. The first fully robotic lawnmower that can learn parts of your yard.

The Robomower is convenient, easy, robotic, and clean–and it transforms the world of yard work! Set up (once), turn on, and the Robomower cuts the grass on almost any surface–all by itself. Getting the system set up in your yard can take most of an afternoon, but the well-written manual makes the job easier. The biggest part of the set-up task is stringing the perimeter wire around your yard, marking the boundaries the Robomower will stay within. Once you’re set, and the mower is on, the machine simply senses the perimeter wire and uses three mulching blades to cut down everything inside the wire. Thanks to the onboard computer, the Robomower can even learn parts of your yard as it mows, making it quicker next time. The mower is quiet, automatic, and the mulching blades mean that when it’s done you don’t need to bag or rake.

The Robomower is outfitted with safety features. It won’t run at all if it’s flipped over with the blades exposed. Likewise, it turns tail and backs off if its soft 360-degree bumpers encounter any foreign object (like a pet or toy or favorite rose bush). A theft deterrent system keeps the unit safe. The Robomower is very quiet compared to other lawn mowers, although because it takes longer to get the job done than a human with a walk-behind mower, what noise there is lasts longer. The mower works best on level yards smaller than 3,200 square feet, with the grass reasonably tame to begin with. It does not work well on hilly or overgrown yards. While it takes a full day to recharge the battery, a full charge is enough to mow most lawns. (The mower is definitely no lightweight, either; it takes two people to remove the machine from the box when it arrives.) The Robomower is definitely a smart idea for folks with physical conditions that make strenuous activities like mowing difficult, but it’s also a great product for anyone who feels like there’s always something better to do with a weekend afternoon than lawn mowing. Rechargeable power pack comes included.–Brian Trinen

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